Vanilla Extract – Update

Posted on 29 September 2010

As it has been a couple of weeks since my vanilla extract post I wanted to give you a quick update. You may remember that the extract was so unbelievably easy to make… split the beans, throw them in some vodka, shake and wait.  I’m now in the waiting stage.  I am absolutely no good at waiting, so every so often I’ll reach into the back of the dark cupboard where my extract is aging and shake it, sniff it, restrain myself from tasting it just yet, you know… the usual bad-at-waiting stuff.

Here’s the extract now, a beautiful deep auburn color.

And here is how it was day 1. It is amazing how the color has already changed so much in so little time.

And I just bought another half pound of vanilla beans to get into mischief with in the kitchen!

If anyone has any requests, let me know! Shoot me an email at or leave a comment below. Happy cooking!

3 responses to Vanilla Extract – Update

  • Melinda says:

    I just made the vanilla extract and now the waiting begins…I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Just keep us updated and let us know if you add anything, like rum.

    • Vienna Nowell says:

      Hi Melinda, I still have mine aging in the cupboard. It spells just as I want it but I think I’m going to add a touch of rum to up the sweetness and smooth out the mouth feel. Thank you so much for commenting and reading! Vienna*

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